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We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Betty, patient since 2014

I went to Dr. Brad Baldwin to see what he offered in hearing aids. I thought that he spent a lot of time with me and did not rush me in and out. He explained what hearing aids would work best for me. I went home to think all this over and I decided to go with Brad. He and his staff are just wonderful to work with. Brad has a lot of patience and really wants you to be able to hear the best that you possibly can. I highly recommend Carolina Hearing Group for your hearing needs. They are the best in my opinion.

Gregg, patient since 2014

I have been hard of hearing for a number of years, and saw the ad for a free test and consultation. Once I met Brad, I knew he was competent and our personalities clicked immediately. His quiet manner is refreshing and he is always willing to answer any question or deal with any situation that might arise. I am very happy with my hearing aids (both ears) and will highly recommend Carolina Hearing whenever I can. The staff are always friendly and accommodating when I need supplies. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone. And, most importantly, I love that there is a Durham location.

Mike, patient since 2012

My experience with Carolina Hearing Group has been wonderful, and the difference it has made in my life has been remarkable. Dr. Brad Baldwin and his staff are very professional and they truly care about each and every patient. I would highly recommend Carolina Hearing Group if you are needing some assistance with your hearing. Very satisfied Patient/Client.

Sylvia, patient since 2014

From the moment you walk into the office you will feel welcomed by people who genuinely care about your needs and comfort. Brad Baldwin, the audilologist, is both wise and caring. He made me feel like I was his only client that day as he took a great deal of time to explain what I needed and to make sure that I was correctly fitted with the right hearing aids. I am thrilled that they are inconspicuous (and I have very short hair) and that they work so well. The experience with Carolina Hearing Group has been life changing. My husband went first and recommended Brad so highly that I followed up with my own appointment. I am glad I did!

Anne, patient since 2008

My husband and I both want to express our great appreciation to you for your help over the last several years. I was very fortunate to have your expertise during my continuing and increasing hearing loss. I had worked with several audiologists and am so glad that I finally found you, as you gave me the stability I needed. We agree that the high level of support and service that you always provided has impressed us the most.

Lillian, patient since 2008

I cannot express my thanks enough for my office visit! It’s unbelievable the difference you made by cleaning my hearing aids. I could even hear my tiny clock ticking away. The tv sounds much clearer! Church tonight was super and I know I will hear from now forward. Your staff is to be commended in all areas.

George, patient since 2005

My new hearing aids are great. I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years, and these sound and work better than anything I have had before. My family is happy I finally decided to upgrade. Thanks for all the great service.

Tom, patient since 2006

After three to four years of hearing my wife and family nag me for not hearing what they said or asking them to repeat it, I went to Carolina Hearing Group where a Doctor of Audiology tested my hearing. Upon finding that I had a definite hearing loss, we discussed the type of hearing aid that might be best for me. After wearing the aids the first time, I heard sounds I had not heard in years. My family, friends, associates, and I were pleased. Carolina Hearing Group has followed up with me to make sure I get the best benefit from my hearing aids. I am well pleased with their service.

Marilyn, patient since 1997

I have experienced nothing but wonderful cooperation and assistance from the people of Carolina Hearing Group. I would highly recommend them.

Jennifer, patient since 2013

So very thankful for Dr. Brad Baldwin with Carolina Hearing Group in Raleigh, NC. He is so compassionate with his patients. Dr. Baldwin tested me and took his time explaining to me and my husband my hearing problems. He recommended and offered assistance in financing my hearing aids. I can now hear things I haven’t heard in many years. Such a blessing to be able to hear my husband talk to me without asking him to speak louder or to repeat. My friends say I sound so much different now that I can hear better. It has been an adjustment since I’ve never cared for anything on my ears but the aids are well worth the change. Thank you Dr. Baldwin for sending me your offer in the mail.