1) Personal sound amplifiers are the same as hearing aids.
These amplifiers were created for recreational activities, increasing overall volume rather than adapting to your environment the way hearing aids do. These devices can actually damage hearing rather than help it.
2) If I needed help with my hearing, I would know.
Hearing loss is gradual; often people live with it for years without realizing it, allowing their hearing to continue to decline.
3) It makes no difference where I go to get my hearing aids.
In order to treat something properly, you need a proper diagnosis. A trained audiologist can create a customized treatment plan and help you through each step in the process. Treatment isn’t a one-time transaction.
4) Hearing aids are just an ugly reminder of old age.
Hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid. New technology means countless fits for all lifestyles, from receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids to those that are designed to be virtually unnoticeable.
5) Hearing aids are just too expensive.
Hearing aids are no small investment, but can you really put a price on enjoying your life? The true value of hearing aids comes from well-fit, well-maintained devices and care from an audiologist.
6) Hearing aids will restore my hearing to normal.
Hearing aids are called “aids” because they help — they don’t cure. They help the hearing that is still intact. Having your hearing aids work for you instead of the other way around is a process, not a single appointment.
7) Hearing loss is just what happens when you get older.
Hearing loss affects all ages. Noise-induced hearing loss is only one type of impairment; others may be caused by ear infection, fluid in the ear, and even impacted earwax. Accepting hearing loss is no way to live. There are resources out there to help you improve your hearing and get your life back.