October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Oticon, one of our most trusted hearing aid partners, combines the company’s commitment to promoting hearing health with support for breast cancer awareness. Oticon’s annual Hear in Pink™ campaign delivers compelling messages about the importance of hearing health and breast cancer awareness to people across the United States.

The centerpiece of the Hear in Pink campaign is a special-edition pink Alta2 hearing device that allows people to hear and understand even soft speech better, while at the same time showing their support for a very worthy cause. Throughout September and October, Oticon is donating a portion of the sales of Alta2 to the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) to fund critical breast cancer research. In 2014 Oticon presented a check for more than $10,000 to the NBCC.

A Cause That Touches Many

Breast cancer is an issue that affects many people on a very personal level. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. With the Hear in Pink campaign, Oticon continues its focus on improving the hearing health of people with hearing loss while helping to find a cure for a disease that represents one-third of cancers diagnosed in women.

“During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, everything is prettier in pink,” says Nancy Palmere, senior marketing manager for Oticon. “At Oticon we’ve been hearing in pink with special-edition pink hearing solutions since 2007. This year will be no different.”

October marks the 30th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Has it helped? Absolutely. We’re finding breast cancers earlier, creating a significant increase in survival for women diagnosed with the disease. We have better drugs and better combinations of drugs. Modern medications have the potential to prevent breast cancer in patients who are at higher risk. And we are now beginning to be able to test an individual’s breast cancer and personalize treatments for every person.

Pink Power

Each year Oticon employees join together to power up in pink during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the eighth consecutive year, Oticon employees will again participate in a fundraising walk in support of breast cancer awareness. They encourage others to follow their lead.

“We invite everyone to lace up their walking shoes and join one of the hundreds of breast cancer walks that take place across the U.S. in October,” says Palmere. “With every step, you’ll help to support finding a cure that will benefit women everywhere!”