Here’s how your devices add to the football season excitement!

Hear those cheers for NC State football! From the tailgating scene and the chanting crowd to the thrilling plays and the Power Sound of the South marching band, nothing rivals football season with the Wolfpack. The exciting sounds help create an immersive experience that’s the talk of the town for days after every captivating game.

Are you catching all the cheers, chants, announcements, and conversations that make your time at the game unforgettable? Making an appointment now to clean/check or upgrade your hearing aids and wearing them to the festivities can make a big difference in your overall enjoyment and even your safety. Check out these six reasons to make your devices part of the football season fun.


1. Feeling the Atmosphere
Football games aren’t just about what’s seen on the field. Whether it’s the roar of fellow fans or a half-time tune that gets you on your feet, hearing those hallmarks helps you fully feel the atmosphere. It also gives you and your game companions shared moments to relive with joy and excitement for years to come. Many of today’s best hearing aids let you adjust the settings to focus on the game’s specific sounds, enhancing your overall game-day experience.

2. Calling an Audible
With thousands of people at any given NC State football game, hearing your plus-one who’s right beside you can be challenging even without hearing loss. Ever shouted in your friend’s face, and they still can’t hear you? It doesn’t have to be this way — time to make a change. Directional microphones and noise-reduction capabilities help make hearing aids indispensable. They can reduce background noise interference and allow you to focus on conversations with your football buddies — no more straining to hear or misunderstanding your companion.

3. Scoring a Safety
Safety should always be a priority when attending any event, and that goes for football games, too. The ability to hear announcements, warnings, and emergency instructions is crucial to ensure your well-being and that of those around you. Hearing devices with telecoil features can even connect to induction loop systems found in some public venues, making it easier to receive important auditory information in urgent situations.

4. Avoiding Unnecessary Roughness
As you likely already know, stadiums get loud, and NC State’s Carter-Finley Stadium is no exception. Public-health experts generally estimate that sports-event noise can reach as high as 110 decibels on average — well beyond the 85-decibel danger zone threshold. Some levels have even rivaled a jet plane takeoff! Excess exposure can cause lasting hearing damage, making hearing protection important even for everyone. Quality earmuffs or earplugs help reduce overall sound intensity, allowing you to enjoy the game without putting your hearing at risk.

5. Enjoying a Home Field Advantage
When you take in an NC State game with family and friends, you’re home. It’s the perfect gathering to bring loved ones and fans together. Untreated hearing loss, however, can curtail the ability or desire to fully participate in conversations, cheering, and other rituals that heighten the game experience. Wearing or upgrading your hearing devices can help empower you to connect with those around you, share in the excitement, and strengthen your sense of belonging. Home feels like home again.

6. Keeping Your Balance
Hearing contributes to balance, helping you stay steady on your feet while taking in the sights, sounds, and unforgettable energy of an NC State game. Even mild hearing loss can go hand in hand with a tripled risk of falling, per a study by Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers, providing another reason to lean into your hearing aids. Feeling confident on your feet goes a long way, whether climbing stairs to access your seat, standing to let out a cheer, or otherwise getting around the venue.


Heading out to Carter-Finley Stadium feeling empowered, pumped, and ready to join some 56,000 other eager football fans is even easier with healthy hearing. Getting your hearing aids professionally cleaned/checked or upgrading them can significantly improve the game-day fun, from following every play and celebrating the wins to confidently connecting with loved ones and other game goers.

Before attending your next NC State game, consider booking a clean and check for your hearing aids, obtaining hearing protection, or coming in to see how far hearing technology has evolved. And if it’s been a while since your last hearing evaluation, our caring team is here to help with that, too. By investing in your hearing health, you’ll be ready to cheer on your favorite team, share in the excitement of the game, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. Go, Wolfpack!